6/64: Mom and Dad (An Otto Mühl Happening) (1964)

6/64: Mom and Dad (An Otto Mühl Happening) (1964)

In the first action he filmed, 6/64 Mama und Papa, Kren’s editing leads to many interlocking continuous shots; central takes recur like a leitmotif, circular motion and networking can be observed throughout the film. Kren painstakingly weaves the fury in front of his camera lens into dense geometrical figures. Shot/countershot sequences alternate, lumping back and forth between single (!) frames, they turn the Actionist turmoil into ornaments, rigid geometrical patterns, the equivalent in time to what Mondrian used to distill on canvas in space. (Peter Tscherkassky)

Release: January 01, 1964

Duration: 4 Min


Languages: No Language

Subtitles: English